Start Your business with Long Island Commercial Real Estate

Long Island is the name for the group of islands situated near New York City. Considered as an extension of the well-known city, Long Island is a good place for investors to look for commercial real estate for their moneymaking purposes.

Here are some of the points why you should consider Long Island Commercial Real Estate for your business.

1. The island has a large population –

commercial propertyAccording to the recent census conducted for the area, Long Island has the largest population among the islands in the country (approximately 7 million). Therefore, businesses can expect to have a large number of prospective customers. This is just for the locals of the area. Since the island also houses two airports, a good number of tourists can also become customers for the various businesses there.

2. There are several modes of transportation available –

With bridges connecting the island to the mainland, possible transportation of goods as well as requisition of raw materials will not be a problem. This ensures continuity of revenues for the business. It is also possible to travel by train and by ferry.

3. Security is ensured –

Although Long Island is considered as an extension of New York City, it has its own police force. Two of its counties even have their own police forces. They can also function independently in terms of law enforcement, and regular patrols on key places like parks are conducted.

4. The climate is fair all year –

Since Long Island is a coastal area, it usually has a humid climate and is mostly sunny for the rest of the year. This condition is conducive to business as customers will not be hesitant to go out if the weather is good.

5. Business expo –

One of the regular events that residents hold is the business expo participated in by different establishments situated on the island. With the acknowledgement that the island has a large population with a huge business potential, they want to generate more revenues through the sales made by local establishments. This can be a good way to promote your business, to get to know more about your competitors and your potential customers, as well as to contribute to the island’s economic growth.

6. Many companies are offering commercial properties in the island –

A number of companies offer their services by providing a listing of available commercial real estate throughout the island. This provides convenience for any entrepreneur who wants to find a property that can be used for business.

With these points presented, doing business in Long Island is a potentially fruitful endeavor. Of course, you still have to come up with quality products and services for your targeted market to take notice of your business, but the island’s commercial viability can help make this easier for you’re to achieve.

Why You Should Choose Wholesalelanyards?

Wholesalelanyards is an online custom lanyards company. We make the best and most durable lanyards and sell them at a competitive price.

If you’re looking for a reliable lanyard supplier, here are the top reasons why you should choose Wholesalelanyards:

1.We have years of experience in custom lanyard manufacturing:

We have been manufacturing high quality custom lanyards for years. We have a team of lanyard experts who work tirelessly to make sure that our clients get nothing but the best. We have years of experience in manufacturing different types of lanyards for different institutions – companies, advertising firms, sports event organizers, charitable institutions, and schools.

2.We have an impressive list of clients:

We have produced lanyards for some of the biggest companies in the world. We also have a long list of satisfied clients who are willing to recommend our services to their friends and families in a heartbeat.

3.We understand our clients:

We know that different clients have different preferences so we take time to listen to our client’s needs. We recognize that what works for one client may not work for another. So, we take time to really understand our clients and their needs to deliver the lanyards that can properly represent them as individuals and as a company.

4.We place great importance in client satisfaction:

We value our clients and we make client satisfaction our top priority. We work closely with you in designing and choosing the right colors for your lanyards. We also work around your budget to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money.

5.We have different types of lanyards that can address your needs.
Wholesalelanyards offer different types of lanyards, including:
• Nylon lanyard –

This lanyard, as the name suggests, is made of nylon. It is durable and it holds silk-screen prints perfectly. This lanyard lasts for years,  so if durability is your primary concern, then you should definitely choose this type of lanyard.

• Woven lanyard-wholesalelanyards

Woven lanyards are made of woven polyester. They have a polished and elegant look so it is perfect for offices, schools, advertising agencies, and even charitable institutions. These lanyards are typically wide so they’re perfect for those who want to print quotes and marketing messages on lanyards.

• Flat Polyester Lanyard –

This is one of the most popular types of lanyards because it looks polished and elegant but it is also affordable. This lanyard is comfortable and durable, too.

• Tubular Lanyard –

This lanyard is extremely economical. It is typically thin but it can still hold various types of prints. It is made out of tube-stitched polyester fabric and it looks a lot like a shoelace. If you’re on a tight budget, the tubular lanyard is a good choice for you as it is incredibly cheap and also durable.

• Dye Sublimitated Lanyard –

If you want a more artistic, unique, and attractive lanyard, this is the best one for you. This lanyard is made of high quality flat polyester, but it is made through a unique printing process that imprints the text or the logo all the way through the fabric. This type of lanyard is usually used in charity events, sporting events, and concerts.

6. We offer different types of lanyard attachments:
We know that not all lanyard attachments are the same, so we try our best to offer numerous options to our clients, including:landyard
• Bulldog Clip –

This clip is used to hold plastic ID holders with horizontal slot. This is usually used in schools and company seminars.

• Swivel Hook –

The swivel hook is similar to the attachment used on a dog leash. This attachment keeps your badge secure. You can also use lanyards with swivel hook attachments to hold your keys and other items.

• Split Ring –

This attachment is actually the same as an ordinary key ring. This attachment can hold different items such as keys, ID badge, and access card.

• Thin Plastic –

This plastic hook is usually used for identification cards with a horizontal slot.

• Lanyard Reel –

This attachment is usually used by big companies and government agencies. This attachment keeps the access and identification cards close at hand, but allow them to be tucked away when not used.

• Trigger Hook –

This attachment is also known as a lobster claw. It is a bit similar to swivel but it has a small lever that opens the hook. The trigger hook can hold keys, ID cards, and even water bottles.
We have great price packages.

We have competitive price packages that allow you to get a lot out of your money. We also offer a lot of discounts to those who place huge orders. We provide free shipping and color matching. We also design, set-up, and mold the lanyards for free.

So, if you’re looking for high quality, colorful, affordable, and durable lanyards, you should definitely choose Wholesalelanyards. All you need to do is tell us what type of lanyard you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Newbie’s Kit: Golf Clubs Start Up

Have you ever played mobile and computer golf games or watched golf tournaments before you made an attempt to try and get a firsthand experience? Most have only used one among many selections of golf clubs in mobile or computer games, one of which sends the balls to the farthest corners of the golf course. Some people who are uninitiated or unfamiliar with the aforementioned sport will say that they can see golf players in televised tournaments using only one kind of club. One of the first aspects of learning how to play golf is to know the different kinds of clubs and understand the various features and uses of each. This article is intended to let aspiring golfers and enthusiasts get acquainted with different golf clubs and learn the basic purposes of every feature that each possessed.

Here are some of the feature descriptions between the different types of golf clubs and each specification’s differences which largely determine launch capacity, club head speed, shot distance and ease of usage:

wood golf clubsWoods are the longest and most powerful among the golf clubs by distance capacity. These particularly vary in size and have large heads and long shafts for driving balls at great distances in golf course. It retains the traditional name, woods, even though most of its kind is made of different metals nowadays. The reason is that most of its basic structure, components, features, designed capacity and purposes never changed. Graphite shafts are now incorporated in drivers, the largest kind of woods, to promote lighter weight and facilitate better club head speed and accuracy.

Irons are all metal clubs with flat angled face and are also shorter in length than woods. These are intended for different sorts of shots in golf course that involve rough approach on the green, moving balls out of hazards like waters and difficult situations like launching off over the trees or shrubs. Irons are now engineered with cavity-back design that gives it lighter weight and better club aim. Summing it up, this club is specially suited and handy in hurdling golf course obstacles.

Wedges are also made from different metals but distinctive by high mass head feature. Wedges are designed for short distance shots on a level of altitude and accuracy higher than irons’. Short distance obstacles, more complicated handicaps and hazards can be overcome with wedges.

Hybrids are the amalgamation of wood’s long distance and higher trajectory and iron’s familiar swing. Most of this sort is compatible for beginners and players with low swing speed as its compact materials facilitate lower mass and greater distance in comparison with other new golfers’ preferred irons and drivers. Ladies also find hybrids to be more suited for them. A number of manufacturers are now even more giving attention on the production of club sets with hybrids specially designed for women.

puttersPutters are another form of clubs used in rolling distances down the cup. Newly innovated putters now include grooves on the face to prevent skidding off the golf balls upon impact. This is considered to be the most universal and irreplaceable among other clubs as other sizes of other types can be exchanged for another. When you are near to completion of your golf course competition, this is what you should find. No player would love to see their balls flying hundreds of meters off the hole.

Chippers are not cheap in any way. It has a body very similar to putters. This kind of club has a more lofted face aimed at lifting the ball off the higher grasses and causing it to roll on the green as if a putter had been used.

Rockbottomgolf is pleased to offer some of the different types of golf clubs which determines capacity, speed and many more!

Customized Silicone Wristbands

In the 80’s an interesting and affordable accessory caught the interest of a lot of people. Colorful and gel like bracelets with the names of popular artists or sports teams became the craze, as fans and supporters wore them almost everywhere.

Even the fashion industry started using these bands as they came in a variety of colors that would compliment any outfit. People just couldn’t seem to get enough of silicone wristbands.

Rubber bracelets

Often referred to as gel bands, jelly bracelets or ballers, silicone wristbands continue to be a popular fashion accessory and marketing tool.

Here are some reasons why these bracelets work.

Brand Recognition

Companies, schools and organizations often have colors that identify them. Silicone wristbands in these colors make them more visible to the general public.

Low Cost – With today’s technology, manufacturers are able to offer professionally made bands at affordable prices. Purchasing in bulk also guarantees a better price. With the combination of cost effective production and mass appeal, a lot of companies are using silicone wristbands as a marketing tool.

Wide Array of Color Options – The bands appeal to a lot of people because of the different colors available. One can wear multiple bands on one arm to create an interesting accessory in a rainbow of colors.

Whatever reasons you may need these bracelets for customizing your own is easy and affordable. Here are some options available.

Band Width

Micro – Slim and sleek bands that are popular with the younger market. These are perfect if one wants to mix and match colors.

½ Inch- This is the most common band width used in most bracelets. This offers sufficient space for your logo or text without being too bulky to wear.

Silicone Bracelets

¾ Inch – If you need more space for your message, this is probably the best option for your custom band. It is still narrow enough to wear with other bands while displaying the logo and text that you need.

1 Inch – This is the widest band available. It offers a much larger space on the façade for your text and art. This will definitely catch more attention as the print will be larger and more visible. If the person wearing your custom band combines it with other bracelets, the focus will definitely be on yours.


Silicone WristbandsThere are a variety of colors available and you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need. You can choose from options that are on the website or send your own specific color so it can be matched. You can choose a silicone bracelet in a single color or experiment with other creative designs available.

Color Segmented Bands

If you need more than one color on your custom bracelet, you can choose the color segmented option. You can work with up to three colors in one band to replicate your company or school colors.


Definitely an eye catcher, these colors create a tie dye or camouflage effect on your wristband in the colors that you want. This design is definitely a far cry from plan silicone bands.

Print Options

You also have options on how you want your text or logo imprinted on your bracelet.


This type of imprinting will either raise or embed your design on the façade of the bracelet. This gives it an interesting texture and 3d effect that will certainly catch more attention.

Silk Screen Print

This type of printing option is perfect for your intricately designed logo. These create a clean and clear print on the band that’s visible to people around the person wearing it.

Color Filled

Your logo will be debossed on the faced and color filled to make it more visible.. Your text and logo will definitely be highlighted with your choice of contrasting colors. It has a unique 3d effect which makes your design seem to pop out of the band.

If the person wearing your custom bracelet have other bands piled on her arm as well, your design will certainly stand out.

Color Coated

You can choose this newest silicone wristband style. The bracelet has two layers of your choice of contrasting colors before the text or log is embedded on the faced. The result is a beautiful and playful two toned bracelet which is perfect either for marketing or as a keepsake.

Your options don’t stop with just the design. You can also choose when you get the bands. Regular and expressed shipping are available so your bracelets will be sent to you to ensure you have them when you need them.Check our website for more information and start creating your wristband using the online design tool.

The Different Faces of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are typically used by persons from the military. But are they the only ones who are allowed to use them? Definitely not! Everybody can now have their own personal challenge coin sets, even corporate coin sets, just by visiting

The Different Types

There are typically four types of challenge coins that you can request from the one stop online shop. These are as follows:

1.Military coins

military coins

of course, the most common among all challenge coin types. It is said that it is actually those in the Armed Forces who started this practice of donning or keeping challenge coins. Way back, the challenge coin serves as the only identification means for a soldier who is acting as a spy in an enemy camp. Now, almost every unit in the military is actually giving their members a challenge coin, whether he is, will be, or will not be doing intelligence work anytime soon, as an emblem of pride that they belong to the uniformed, gallant class.

Since it is the military that started it all, isn’t it only fitting that they receive the best possible quality custom coins? Whether you’re from the Air Force, Army, or Navy, you will surely get your match just as soon as you go to this website.

2.Police or law enforcement coins

custom challenge coins

the practice of giving out custom coins has also rubbed off from the military to the police force. Whether you’re from the Scene of the Crime Operatives, a roving ranger, or a precinct staff, you’ll have it just by clicking here.Maybe some of you might ask how coins are relevant to the police force. Well, basically they give this out to those who have braved and completed a mission. Kudos to these guys!

3.Fire Department or Fire Fighter Coins


what better way to reward our valiant fire fighters than through challenge coins for every milestone they have achieved? This website can take care all of your fire fighter coin needs. Whether it’s designed with a particular fire fighting gear or gizmo, or the classic Saint Florien coin which displays the patron saint for fire fighters and is said to have the capability to save them from harm during missions, this website has it all.

4.Corporate coins

challenge coins

now here is one of the best sellers on challengeCoins4Less. This is basically because it’s the kind that is available for everybody. On this website, you could have it crafted as a loyalty reward for employees who have been at your company’s or unit’s service for quite some time already. Or you could order a set for your next company team building, and whoever wins gets the coins. You could also get this site to design you a challenge coin for your guests of honor during your company events. Whatever the purpose is, ChallengeCoins4Less can handle it. For information, just click here.

What ChallengeCoins4Less Can Offer

This site for custom coins has long been trusted by other reputable institutions, such as the NASA, United Nations, and even the U. S. Army and Navy for its challenge coin needs. If these are the kind of companies that trust challengecoins4Less, why shouldn’t you trust them as well? Get your challenge coin sets crafted here and you are assured of the following:

Free design

this site will not charge you anything until you get the design of the coin that you want. You can ask for revisions – as many as you want – until our designers get it right.

Free quote

you can provide this site with your preferred coin designs and specs any time, even if you aren’t actually going to order your sets yet. All you have to do is to access the quote form here. And yes, you can ask for a quote, complete with a sample design, and still not get charged, even if it’s the nth time you’ve been asking.

Fast, efficient service

Even if it’s just a quote or a design sample you were asking for, you are guaranteed to get it in not later than 24 hours. Once you order, just give our designers and factory heroes up to three weeks to be able to churn out your custom challenge coins. For more information, always feel free to go to this site.

More freebies!

If you order more than three hundred of our custom challenge coin sets, we will slash off the mold fee entirely. This means a hundred dollars in savings! You also have the option to match colors, all for free!

This website offers custom challenge coin sets in gold, silver, brass or duo tone metal material. You can have yours with either a polished, epoxy, or an antique finish. You can have the design on just one or both sides of the coin, in 2D or 3D, die struck, and with cross cut or rope cut edges or in your preferred shape. Visit challengecoins4Less  to find your preferred challenge coin design now

Can Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet really help you lose weight?

“Lose weight in just a week” is a line often associated with those advertisements on different websites. Some are even tempted to click the link that leads them to a site, then to another, and up to many more sites. Website developers really know people’s weaknesses and interests. This also explains that people nowadays are so obsessed with getting fit. They are getting addicted to slimming products and other fitness activities like Zumba and Working-Out. Some are even asking for medical help already, eager to undergo plastic surgery, liposuction, and other medical treatments – like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet.

hcgHuman chorionic gonadotropin Diet or also known as HCG Diet is a kind of diet where you need to have a series of injections of HCG – a hormone that the body produces during pregnancy. In line with this, you also need to follow a severe-low-calorie diet for best results. Just like any other fitness program, this diet also requires you to watch your calorie intake. It limits you to 500-800 calories a day for 8 weeks. The only difference is that it doesn’t allow you to exercise. Many people believe that in this diet or program, the shots and diet alone can already make big changes on metabolism.

Medically speaking, doctors can’t really find the connection between these HCG shots and weight loss. HCG is a hormone that helps women ovulate and men increase their sperm count. This has nothing to do with losing weight, although the severe-low-calorie diet could really be a big help. Many people may testify that HCG Diet really helped them lose weight but this is not actually because of HCG. It is because of this severe-low-calorie diet. Of course, people who follow such a very low calorie diet are likely to lose weight. They are made to believe that those shots could actually increase their metabolism and appetite when in fact, it was hard work and self-discipline that made them lose weight.

The side effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin intake can also be the reason why some people who undergo HCG diet lose weight. Side effects like swelling of the breasts or at the place of the injection can affect a person’s fitness. Emotional side effects that include discouragement, headache, irritability, lack of appetite, and loss of sex drive can also be the reason why many people have successfully lost weight with this kind of treatment. It’s like you’re losing weight at the expense of your own health. This is already too far from the concept of staying fit and healthy.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already made its stand about this. HCG is approved to treat fertility issues, but it hasn’t yet been approved as a solution to weight issues. Over-the-counter HCG products are actually prohibited. In fact, FDA already sent warning letters to those companies that are still selling these products. HCG is only legal when you have a prescription from the doctor and your purpose is to treat issues about infertility. Well, actually, it’s also legal if your doctor prescribes hormonal shots to you to tackle weight issues.

If your ultimate is goal is to lose weight, you have to do it right. There are many effective fitness programs that could help you. You can try the famous Zumba or you can go to a gym and ask for a fitness program that suits you. If you’re still planning to take HCG to shed pounds, at least ask your doctor about it first. You don’t need to risk your health just to lose weight. Take care of your body and live a healthy life.