A Comprehensive Guide about Blog and Blogger

Comprehensive Blogging Guide

What is bloggingDo you know what is blog ? What does blogging means or who is known as to be a blogger?  These are the some main and common questions in the minds of those people who are newbie in blogosphere. This article is a gift for those bloggers which are new to the blogging field and don’t have much idea about these main blogging terms. So let’s get started in order to explain each term like what is blog, what is blogging in easiest and simplest way in this long but informative blogging guide.

For blogging, as a good blogger you need to be creative for good results. Most of the internet users in online world are blogging in order to earn good income and on other hand others do it as their passion. Mainly blogging is a term which is derived from a word which is popular these days on internet and that is known as “Blog”

 What is Blog?

what is blog

About more than 7.05 millions answers can easily be found out with the help of Google search engine but in my case I am presenting these common terms in simplest way so that it will be easier for everyone to better understand what is blog.

Definitions for What is Blog

A blog is like a diary or online journal where a writer or bloggers shares his bright ideas or thoughts with others.

Collection of informative content which is properly organized is called as a blog.

Basically this word was derived from a term “web log”. The common functions that are present in a blog are posts, comments, widgets etc.

What is blogging?

Definition For What is Blogging

The skill/experience that every bloggers requires in order to control his website or blog is called as blogging or we can also that the process of updating a blog is known as blogging.

What is blogging

After entering into blogging field, you need to learn the basic and important skills of blogging like search engine optimization, social media marketing, writing style and web designing etc. I hope now you should have the idea what is blogging ;) .

The main thing that you should need to be is a good writer because if you are able to write good quality and unique content then you will able to increase your blog traffic fast. Along with this you should also need to have good skills in search engine optimization which will help you in optimizing your blog for better results in search engines.

In order to promote your blog content on social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc you should need to have enough knowledge in social media marketing so that it will be good for you in bringing maximum number of visitors from social media websites. You can also hire freelancers for such kind of job but instead of wasting your money, you better need to learn about social media marketing strategies in order to promote your blog content and to proof others that you are good blogger too.

Topics for Blogging

You can create your own blog on any kind of topic which you like most or having experience in such topics field. Take an example that you are expert in technology field, so what you should need to do is to start your own blog on technology where you will be able to share technology updates. There is no limit on creating a blog on specific blogging niche. You can start blogs even on sports, political news, web designing etc. From my point of view, I will suggest you to start a blog on that topic in which you have enough knowledge and you think that you can do this work easily.

Investment is necessary for blogging?

Whenever a businessman starts his business, first he invests some of his money to make his business go viral. Same fact comes into blogging that if you seriously want to start blogging, then you should need to invest some of your money. But if you want to start your own blog for just experimenting or fun etc then should not need to invest a single penny because your can start it for easily on free blogger.com or wordpress.com Platform.

Thing required to start a blog

If you want to develop your own blog, then you will require two main things which are:

1. Domain name

2. Web hosting

What is domain name?

domain name

First you need to know what does actually domain name means because this is another most commonly used term in blogosphere. Actually domain name is the address through which internet users or people are able to reach/ surf your blog or website. Take an example that you found our blog by typing www.coreblogtips.com in the address bar of your browser, so we can say that www.coreblogtips.com is our domain name. I hope now you have idea about domain name.

If you want to register your own domain name, then what you need to do is that find a better domain name registrar like askforhost etc. Choose your own desired domain name and if it is available then buy it using your desired payment method.

So after getting a domain name account, you need to set the DNS settings according your web hosting server’s settings. This will take sometime in order to propagate DNS and after that your site will be visible to others as well as you can easily work on it.

Web Hosting

web hosting

In order to store your blog or website data, a computer or server is required so that your content will be visible to everyone. For this your need to have a web hosting company server to store all of your website data.

Various web hosting companies are available on the internet and you can easily find out them by search on Google. I will recommend you to go for either bluehost web hosting or ask for host web hosting company because both of these web hosting companies are reliable to their customers as well as their support is awesome which I think is key factor according to customers point of view.

You need to buy a web hosting account from bluehost or ask for host Web Company, or any other good web hosting service provider. After that checkout their name servers and then with the help of those name servers you need to redirect your domain name.

Normally it takes about 24-48 hours and after that DNS settings start effecting and after that you will be able to install any kind of your own desired content management system like WordPress etc.

From Editor’s Disk on Blogging Guide

I hope you like this post on blogging guide and now you have also got the idea what is blog and what is blogging. If you have any query in your mind, feel free to mention in comments. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

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